The Lion and Mouse Story in English

In this article, we have come up with a unique lion and mouse story which teaches us that one should never consider the younger ones less than oneself.

The lion and mouse story is one of the best moral stories, which children like very much. Such moral stories are the basis of education and help impart moral education to children. The story’s moral is always beneficial for kids, as they learn some ethics.


The Lion and Mouse Story 

Once upon a time, a mighty lion lived in a forest. Because of his anger and strength, he was famous all over the forest. All the animals of the forest respected and feared him.

One day when the lion was resting under a tree, a small mouse crawled over its paws. The lion wakes up and catches the mouse in his big paw.

The mouse says, “Lion sir, please have mercy on me. I have made a mistake. It happened unknowingly. I had no intention to disturb your rest.”

With a smile, the lion stared at the mouse and asked, “Why would I need a small animal like you?” You are just a small snack for me.”

The mouse begged, saying, “If you spare my life, I will help you someday. Please give me a chance.”

The Lion and Mouse Story in English

Seeing the pleading of the mouse, the lion takes pity on it and decides to leave it alive. The lion raises its big paw, and the mouse runs away as fast as possible.

Months pass by, and the lion soon forgets about the mouse. One day when the lion was roaming in the jungle, he got trapped in a hunter’s net. He tries to fight and scream, but the tighter the net gets on him, the more he moves.

The news of the lion getting trapped reaches all the animals in the forest. All of them were afraid of the lion but also felt sorry for its suffering. The mouse thinks of helping the lion and reaches the place where the lion is trapped.

The mouse says, “Don’t worry, lion. I will help you.”

The lion moaned in pain and said, “How will you save me, little mouse? Please don’t put your life in danger and get out of here.”

But the mouse was also stubborn. He wanted to help the lion at any cost. With all his power, he starts cutting the thread of the hunter’s net. The lion sees hope in the mouse and stops fighting and roaring.

The mouse starts doing its work without getting tired until the thread of the trap breaks and frees the lion. After some time, the lion gets free from that trap.

The lion tells the mouse, “Dear mouse, I underestimated you. Please forgive me for all the bad things I said to you. Thank you so much for saving my life. I promise that from today onwards, I will become a good king of this jungle.

The Lion and Mouse Story in English

The mouse smiled and said, “Sir, we may be different in size and strength, but everyone has the power to make a change, no matter how small. Kindness and love can overcome any obstacle.” Remember that your kindness has brought us together today.”

The lion nodded after understanding the words of the mouse. From that day onwards, the lion and the mouse became good friends. The lion understood the value of all animals, no matter how small in size. Even though the mouse was small, it was admired and respected by all the animals for its bravery and kind behavior.


Lion and Mouse Story Moral

“Even small good deeds never go waste. We should never underestimate the potential of other people because there is something different in everyone.”



This story is about a mighty lion and a little mouse. The lion first understands the importance of the mouse but spares its life. Later, when the lion gets trapped, the mouse helps and saves him. The story makes us understand that one should never consider anyone less than oneself, whether he is older or younger than us, and at the same time, showing kindness to someone will surely yield fruit.


What can children learn from this Story?

Every moral story has some teachings which can help children. The moral values which children can learn from this story are :

Small Things Matter – Even a small act of kindness can bring change and contribute to a larger cause.

Treat Others Well – Don’t judge people according to their size. Everyone is special in their own way.

Think Positive – Believe that your good actions can change someone’s life.

Help & Encourage – Always support others and make them feel good about themselves.

Taking Responsibility – Take responsibility to improve the world through your actions.


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FAQs related to The Lion and Mouse Story

The lion was very popular because of his strength and angry nature. All other animals in the forest respected him due to fear.
The mouse pleaded for mercy, saying that he had no intention to disturb the lion's sleep.
The mouse cut the thread of the hunter's net, eventually freeing the lion from the trap.
The lion expressed remorse for underestimating the mouse and promised to become a better king in the future.
The two became good friends. The lion respected the mouse's bravery and kind act and the mouse was admired by all other animals in the forest.


We hope that you liked the lion and mouse story moral and learned something valuable from the story. If you liked the story of Lion and the Mouse, comment on your views on the story.


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