[Best] 5 lines short stories with moral in English | 2023

In this post, we are providing you with a list of the best 5 lines short stories with moral for kids. These stories will not only entertain you but also teach you moral values.

These short moral stories in English will help children learn some moral values to implement these values in their lives and become good people.

Best 5 lines short stories with moral

Below is a list of short moral stories in English. We hope that you will like our short moral story collection.

Love and Ego (5 lines short moral stories for students)

short moral story in 5 lines in english

Once upon a time, there was a couple named Tom and Sarah. They loved each other very much but they also had a lot of pride.One day they got into a big argument and refused to talk to each other. After a few days, they realized that their love was more important than their ego.

They apologized and made up. From then on, they worked hard to put their love first and never let their pride get in the way.

Moral of the story –  Love is more important than ego and sometimes we need to put our ego aside to keep our relationship strong.

A Lazy Boy (Best short moral stories for kids)

short moral stories in english

There was a boy named John who was so lazy. He couldn’t even bother to change his clothes. One day he saw that the apple tree in their yard was full of apples. He wanted to eat some apples but he was too lazy to climb the tree and take the fruits.

So he laid down underneath the tree and waited until he was very hungry but the Apple never fell.

Moral of the story – Laziness can get you nowhere. If you want something you need to work hard for it.

Power of Respect (5 lines short stories with moral for adults)

5 lines short stories with moral for adults

Once there was a young girl named Maya Who Lived in a small town. Maya believed in the power of giving and taking respect. she treated everyone she met with kindness and respect regardless of their age or background. One day Maya encountered a clumsy old man, who was always rude to others.

Instead of reacting with anger, Maya continued to treat him with respect and kindness. Gradually the old man’s behavior started to change. He realized the impact of Maya’s respectful attitude and began treating others with kindness.

Moral of the Story  Respect can have a transformative effect on people’s lives. So keep spreading kindness and respect for others.

The Power of Sharing (5 lines short stories with moral)

5 lines short stories with moral

Once upon a time, there was an old man named Mohan.  He had a small shop of books full of knowledgeable and informational content. Mohan was smart and would listen to people’s problems and try to fix them. People from distant areas come to Mohan and ask his opinion about their problems.

One day, a small girl came to his shop and explained all her problems. He smiled and said, “Problems are like books. If you keep it to yourself, it will feel like a burden for you. But if you share it with others, it will become stories of strength and resilience.”

The small girl learned the power of sharing and realized that burdens become lighter when shared with others.

Moral of the Story Sharing our problems with others makes them easier and strengthens us.

A Selfless Monkey (5 lines short stories with moral for nursery)

5 lines short stories with moral for nursery

A naughty monkey was living in a dense forest. He always tried to make fun of his other friends and mocked them.

One day he found a magic banana which gave him three wishes. He became so excited and made the first two selfish wishes for him. But as his wishes came true, his friends started feeling sad.

After he saw his friends, he realized his mistake and used his final wish to make all the other animals in the forest happy. This incident taught him that true happiness lies in spreading kindness to others.

The moral of the Story Making others happy brings us the greatest joy.

The Queen’s Compassion (5 lines short stories with moral in English)

5 lines short stories with moral in English

A kind-hearted Queen was living in a large palace. She believed in empathy and justice. One day a beggar came to her palace and asked for help.

She gave him food and shelter without any hesitation. After some time, the beggar revealed himself as an old wise sage. He said,” Dear, you have a noble heart. By helping others, you have created a wave of kindness, which can bring change in the world.”

The old sage blessed the Queen, and she ruled her kingdom with love and fairness. She taught others the importance of compassion.

Moral of the Story – Compassion and Kindness have the power to transform the world.

The Power of Gratitude (top 10 short moral stories in English)

top 10 short moral stories in English

Once upon a time, a young boy lived in a small city. He always complained about his current circumstances and wished for a different life.

One day he met an old man who said,” Instead of complaining about what you don’t have, be grateful for what you currently have. Contentment is the key to true happiness.”

The young boy realized his mistake and thanked the old man for showing him the right path. He realized that happiness lies in appreciating the present moment and being grateful for what he has.

Moral of the Story True happiness lies in appreciating and being grateful for what we have.

The Fisherman and Fish (5 lines short stories with moral with pictures)

There was a fisherman living in the coastal town. He loved to explore the vast ocean and catch fish.

One day he found a rare and beautiful golden fish while fishing. The little fish pleaded with him to set her free. But the fisherman didn’t want to lose such a beautiful fish.

But eventually, he sets her free in the ocean by realizing that every creature deserves freedom and respect and has the right to live their life.

He learned an important lesson about preserving the beauty of nature and letting things be where they truly belong.

Moral of the Story – True appreciation lies in preserving and respecting the natural world.

The King’s Generosity (5 lines short stories with moral for class 1)

In a large kingdom, a King was known for his generosity and helping nature. He used to help every person who visited his palace. He would regularly distribute food and clothes to needy people.

One day, his advisors warned him that if he gave too much of his wealth to others, then he would run out of all the resources he had. The king replied, “True wealth is not measured by material possession; rather, it is measured by the happiness we bring into the life of others.”

The King continued spreading happiness to the needy, teaching his people the importance of giving.

Moral of the Story – True wealth is measured by the happiness we bring to others, not material possessions.

The Shepherd’s Sacrifice (5 lines short stories with moral pdf)

Once upon a time, in a small village surrounded by mountains, there was a young shepherd named Rajesh. He always took care of his cows with great love and dedication. He never let any problem come to them.

One day, a fierce storm hit the village, and Rajesh risked his life to ensure the cows were safe. He took all his cows to a safe place.

His selfless act taught the villagers the importance of caring and saving the lives of those who depend on us.

Moral of the Story – The real meaning of love is when we are ready to take big risks for the people who rely on us.

The Kind Chef (Five lines moral story in English)

There was a renowned chef named Mona living in the city. She owned a well-known restaurant, which people visit to try her tasty dishes worldwide.

One day, a homeless person came to her restaurant and requested some food. Mona not only gave him food but also sheltered and offered him a job in her kitchen. He expressed gratitude towards her and accepted her job offer.

By helping him, she showed the world that everyone deserves a second chance and that true success comes from lifting others.

Moral of the Story – True success lies in helping others and giving second chances.

The Surfer’s Heart (5 lines short moral story)

In a small coastal town, there lived a girl named Alisha, who dreamed of becoming a famous surfer. Despite the discouragements from others, she didn’t give up and continued her practice.

One day, during the surfing competition, a fellow surfer fell into the rough waves of the ocean. Without any hesitation, Alisha rescued her by putting her own life at risk.

Her selfless act taught everyone that true champions are not the ones who win but the ones who put other’s life before their own.

Moral of the Story – True champions are not only skilled but also compassionate and willing to help others.

The Carpenter’s Integrity (list of short stories with moral lesson)

In a small village, there lived a carpenter named Rakesh. He was an expert in building wooden materials with perfection and craftsmanship.

One day, a rich businessman came to him and asked him to build the most expensive and lavish furniture. For this, the businessman was ready to give any amount he wanted.

Rakesh declined the offer saying, “The true value of craftsmanship lies in creating things that bring comfort to people and not in the price tag.”

His dedication and honesty towards his work inspired others to prefer simplicity and quality over luxury.

Moral of the Story – The value of craftsmanship lies in creating practical and comfortable things, not in their price.

FAQs on Short Moral Stories in English

Moral Stories are narratives that deliver lessons and teach us moral values. They are important because provide us with morals, ethics, and various life lessons in a relatable way.
Moral Stories use characters and situations to explain how to become a good person and take good decisions in our life.
These moral stories are generally for children, but adults can also learn some important lessons about life.
In these stories, characters are seen facing problems and taking life decisions that teach them to become good people. By thinking about these things, you can also become a good person.

We hope you liked our list of 5 lines short moral stories in English. If you like these stories, then please comment below. It will motivate us and help us improve our content for our viewers.

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