25+ Best 10 Lines Short Stories With Moral in English

Welcome to the world of moral stories. In this post, we are bringing you a collection of 10 lines short stories with moral. These short moral stories are only 10 lines long, but they teach us some valuable things in our life.

Each story is designed to take you to the world of imagination and morality. These short moral stories will entertain, inform, and impart knowledge, whether you seek motivation or just morality.

So get ready where each story is only 10 lines, but it inspires you with a message of goodness. Enjoy the power of this collection and uncover the hidden truths inside these little wonders. The teachings of 10 lines short stories will guide and inspire you in your life journey.

10 Lines Short Stories With Moral in English

Below is a list of 10 lines short stories with moral. We hope that you will like these stories.

A Crow and a Peacock (Best moral stories in English for kids)

short moral stories in english in 10 lines

Once upon a time, there was a crow who wished to be colorful and beautiful like other birds. One day he went to the parrot and shared his thoughts.

He said to Parrot – “I am very ugly and disappointed.” Parrot said the peacock is the most beautiful bird, so you should talk to him.

Then the crow went to the peacock and told him about his looks. Peacock replied – “you are the luckiest bird that has been never caged in life and we because of our beauty stay caged and you are always free.”

After listening to this, Crow realized his mistake and thanked God for making him like this, and flew away happily.

“Never compare yourself to the others.”


The Magic Tree’s Lesson (Short story in English with Moral)

10 lines short stories with moral

In a small village, there was a poor man named Raju. One day, he found a magical tree. The tree granted him a bag that never ran out of food. Raju shared the food with everyone, making everyone happy.

A greedy man named Mukesh heard about the magic tree. He asked for a bag that was filled with gold. The tree warned him about greed, but Mukesh didn’t listen. He became rich but didn’t help anyone.

A storm destroyed Mukesh’s wealth, and he returned to the tree for another wish. The tree refused. Mukesh realized his mistake and started helping others. He found true happiness in being kind.

“True magic is in giving and being kind, not greed and selfishness.”


The Lost Key (10 Lines Short Stories With Moral)

10 lines short stories with moral

One day Tom had shifted to a new flat. He happily took out his luggage. As soon as he reached for his key, he saw that his key was missing.

He got nervous because of not getting the key. Tom started looking through every box but couldn’t find the key. Hours passed, but still, the key was not found. His troubles were increasing with each passing minute.

He got tired and sat on the sofa. While sitting, he noted a shiny object lying on the ground. It was his key. It fell under the couch right before Tom’s eyes, but Tom didn’t see it.

This experience taught Tom an important lesson. Sometimes when we focus too much on an issue, we miss the right solution. When we pause and rest our minds, we make room for clear thinking and understanding. Finding a solution does not require constant searching but a brief period of silence.

“Sometimes the answer surfaces when we stop worrying about a particular issue.”


The Talking Trees (10 Lines Short Stories in English)

10 lines short stories with moral

In an old forest, all the trees talked to each other in a language only they understood. One day a young tree, beautiful and tall, began to speak boastfully about its beauty and importance.

Old and wise trees that have reached old age remained silent. He knew that true strength came not from outward appearances but from flexibility and experience gained over time. They firmly rooted themselves deep in the ground, intertwining their branches to protect and support each other.

Then a dangerous storm came, and a storm broke out in the forest. The thin branches of the young tree could not withstand the storm and fell down. The same old trees stood by each other and fought the storm.

From that day onwards, the absence of the young tree was a reminder that true strength lies not in beauty but in unity, humility, and the ability to withstand the storms of life.

Real strength lies in humility, not in empty words.”


The Painted Rock (10 Lines Short Stories With Moral for Class 1)

In a small village lived a girl, Lily. One day when she was walking outside, she saw a simple stone. She was impressed by the stone and decided to make it a piece of art. He painstakingly painted the rock using bright colors, intricate designs, and his imagination.

When her friend Emma saw the painted stone, she laughed out loud. And said, “Why are you wasting your time on this? This is just a stone.”

But Lily did not listen to her friend, and she used to take the stone everywhere with her. One day a traveler passing through the villages saw that stone and was amazed at its beauty. The traveler, who was an artist, offered to buy the stone for a good price.

Lily’s eyes sparkled with happiness when she got money by selling that stone. He bought art supplies for himself with the given money and continued his painting hobby.

This incident taught Lily and Emma an important lesson. What one person considers minor or unimportant may be of utmost significance to another. This is so because everyone’s perception of beauty is different. The ability to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary should never be underestimated.

 “Never underestimate the importance of creativity; beauty is only as beautiful as the beholder who sees it.”


A Heartfelt Encounter (10 Lines Short Stories With Moral in Easy words)

short stories with moral

One rainy night Maya was walking home early when she saw a dog shivering with cold in a corner. Seeing his wet hair and scared face, he felt pity.

Maya slowly went to that dog and covered it with her umbrella. At first, the dog was a little scared, but feeling the kindness of Maya, she moved forward a little and came under the umbrella. His trembling body slowly calmed down.

Maya and the dog started walking towards the house together. Maya started feeling a deep relief. He realized that the happiness of the one who does kindness is given to the troubled person and the person who helps.

Without thinking twice, Maya decided to adopt the dog, take care of it with love, and give it a new life. The dog, now named Lucky, started living with Maya at her house.

This heartwarming story reminds us how small acts of kindness can make a big difference. It makes us understand that we should take care of the sorrows and sufferings around us and always extend a helping hand whenever possible. We can make a deep impact in the world with our kindness.

Acts of kindness make a big impact.”


The Wise Farmer (Small 10 Lines Short Stories With Moral)

In a small village, an old wise, experienced farmer Rahul lived in the fields. In a year when all the farmers were praying, and their crops were drying up, Rahul remained sensible and calm.

When other farmers were despairing and losing hope, Rahul started thinking differently. With his hard work and patience, he kept supplying water to his fields by digging deep wells and making irrigation systems. He could provide nutrition to his crop with his preparation and hard work.

Soon his fields became green, while other farmers’ fields remained barren. Rahul’s intelligence and hard work impressed the rest of the farmers. Rahul smiled when asked what his secret to success was, “I knew how important it is to be prepared for bad times and take the right steps.”

This story reminds us that relying only on luck and external factors is insufficient. We should prepare in advance by anticipating every upcoming difficulty, and by taking proper steps, we can succeed from failure.

Preparation and proactive steps lead to success.”


We hope you liked our collection of new 10 lines short stories with moral. These short stories leave a long-lasting impact by delivering powerful morals in a short format. Remember to apply all the learnings from this story to your life.


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