A Cap Seller and Monkey Story in English

A Cap Seller and Monkey Story in English

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In this article, we will talk about a cap seller and monkey story in a detailed way and the story’s moral, which we can learn from this story. The Monkey and the cap seller story is a very famous story that is liked by kids and adults.

The Cap Seller and The Monkey Story

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Once upon a time, a cap seller lived in a small village named Sunil. Sunil was a good-hearted and hard-working man who used to make and sell caps of different colors and designs and earn his living. His caps were famous all over the world, and people from neighboring villages used to come to buy his beautiful caps.

One morning when Sunil was going to sell his caps, his eyes fell on the movement in the trees. He saw that a group of mischievous monkeys were jumping in the branches of the tree. He gets scared seeing the herd of those monkeys. Frightened, Sunil continues his journey, thinking little of those mischievous monkeys.

a cap seller and monkey story

As he enters the forest, the strong sunlight starts falling on him, and he starts feeling tired. To avoid the heat, he thinks of resting under a big tree. He falls asleep with his big bag full of hats next to him. Little did Sunil know that the mischievous monkeys had been watching over him.

Attracted by the colorful caps, the monkeys decided to play a prank on Sunil. All the monkeys came down one by one from the trees and stole the caps from his bag.

After waking up from his sleep, Sunil prepared to proceed on his journey. But when he saw his bag, he was heartbroken because his bag was empty. The mischievous monkeys had stolen all his caps.

Sunil started looking here and there to get back his caps, hoping to find something about those mischievous monkeys. He saw monkeys on the top of the high branches of the tree. They were teasing Sunil about wearing those caps and laughing at him.

Sunil made a clever plan to get his caps back. He decided to fool the monkeys to get back their caps. Taking off his own cap, he took it in his hand and threw it on the ground. Surprisingly, the monkeys started repeating his act and throwing their caps.

Sunil understood that the monkeys were imitating him, so he started repeating the same thing again. He started throwing his cap on the ground repeatedly, and every time the monkeys also started throwing their caps. Soon a huge pile of colorful caps formed in front of him.

There came a time when Sunil collected his caps one by one and put them back in his bag. The monkeys watched in astonishment while Sunil heaved a sigh of relief. The monkeys also realized they had been fooled, so they ran away, leaving Sunil to continue his journey.

From that day onwards, Sunil became ever-alert and kept an eye on his caps. He learned a valuable lesson that cleverness and quick thinking can help him overcome any difficulty. No matter what challenge or obstacle came his way, he knew that he could deal with any difficult situation with cleverness and utility.

And so Sunil, the one with the colorful caps, kept moving ahead with the caps in his bag. By telling his stories, he kept helping to bring light to people’s lives. His story of monkeys and caps became famous in all the villages, symbolizing cleverness and quick thinking power.


Cap Seller and Monkey Story Moral

“Cleverness and quick thinking help in overcoming every challenge.”



Summary of Cap Seller and Monkey Story

In a beautiful village, Sunil, a cap seller, encounters mischievous monkeys who steal his caps while he is sleeping under a tree. He fools the mischievous monkeys and takes back their caps from them. Sunil learned an important lesson of cleverness and quick thinking. He continues his journey by sharing his stories and inspiring others with stories of his victories.


FAQs related to The Monkey and Cap Seller Story

The main character in the story is Sunil, a cap seller.
When the cap seller was sleeping under the tree, some mischievous monkeys steal all his caps.
The cap seller comes up with a clever plan. He took one cap in hand and threw it into the ground. The monkeys started imitating the same thing again and again. And this way, the cap seller got his all caps back.
With intelligence and wit, we can overcome any challenges in our life.


We hope you all have liked the cap seller and the Monkey story and learned some moral values from the story. If you liked the story of Monkey and cap seller, comment your views on it. You can read our other stories by visiting here.

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